Massage and Myofascial Care

Dr. Keith understands the bio-mechanical system is just not bones and ligaments, the soft tissues are often the cause of painful chronic conditions. At Family Care Chiropractic, Dr. Keith has experienced licensed therapist to help address the muscle part of your problem. Each therapist at Family Care Chiropractic has years of experience and education, and each has a specialty and area of interest. In addition to the assessment you received by Dr. Keith you will be assessed for myofascial pain syndrome (tight muscles and knots) by the therapist best suited for your condition.

Many times headaches melt away, nagging/burning pain are relieved from specific muscle therapy. In addition you will receive instruction in the prevention and home treatment in many cases. In any case you will find the combination of chiropractic treatment and massage a Win/Win!

You will enjoy the benefits of massage in our Rockwall location.